At Duncan Yard Mall, you can not only shop, but also have a good lunch

Well, from all the shopping malls in South Africa, there’s only one that I can recall – Duncan Yard Mall. A place for all your shopping needs! But where does it come from?

Remember when you were a kid and you went to your local mall and tried to buy that perfect item? You dreamt about having it for years, but because of financial constraints could never actually have it. Well now you have the means to get what you always wanted!

Duncan Yard Mall is a huge mall located in Pretoria, South Africa. Its unique and beautiful design makes it one of the most popular spots to shop and eat in the city.

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This is a very short mention about Duncan Yard Mall. Which is situated in Pretoria, South Africa and it was opened in 1983. It has the largest shopping area in Africa and it has an mall of more than 500 shops.

“Duncan Yard Mall” was built by the British company, Duncan Rice (formerly known as Duncan Rice & Ball) and it got its name from “Duncan” – a company that had been operating underground tunnels all over Europe for centuries. The mall was constructed as a shopping centre under the support of public money and also under budget, which meant that there would be no need to build another one just 20 minutes away from Pretoria.

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A good idea for a lunch spot is the Duncan Yard Mall at Cape Town. The mall has everything to make you comfortable. There are restaurants, cafes, and shops that offer food and services.

You can enjoy your lunch at the mall by visiting its website and finding out about its cultural highlights like the Teatro de la Catedral in Colombia or the ballroom of a local club called Masai in Johannesburg.

We can enjoy the best of both worlds at Duncan Yard Mall – shopping and healthy eating. This short corporate video introduces and highlights some of the fun activities you can experience at Duncan Yard Mall.

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At the Duncan Yard Mall in Cape Town, you can see all sorts of wonders and good things. In addition to shopping for your favourite fashion brands and clothes, you can have a good lunch at one of their restaurants.

People are busy shopping, trying to find good deals. To make shopping easier, Duncan Yard Mall has found a solution with the help of its digital assistant S3. The digital assistant sits in the mall and ‘listens’ to customers’ queries and compiles detailed information on products, prices and other aspects of the store.

In our recent survey ‘What is your favourite place?’, we asked respondents about their favorite places for shopping in the Netherlands. More than 80% of them (90%) said that they would buy something there more than three times a year. And more than 70% (76%) said that they would spend more money there than at any other store. In other words, shoppers know exactly where to find what they need and when they need it!

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